3 Powerful Dua To Save Your Marriage From Divorce


This Article is about 3 Powerful Dua To Save Your Marriage From DivorceIt’s pretty safe to say that no one who plans to get married ever plans to get a divorce or even wonders how to stop a divorce from happening. Yet sadly, statistics indicate that it indeed happens to many couples.

Aside from the fact that divorce is a challenging experience for the couple, it’s also challenging for their children, family members, friends, and some say, even the community at large.

That’s because many people believe that family is the cornerstone upon which so many things are built. And so, when even one family breaks apart, there’s a domino effect that can be truly devastating.

But what do you do if you’re in a troubled marriage? What steps can you take to stop a divorce or how to stop divorce and save your marriage?

So if you find yourself in a situation where you are trying to find out how to avoid getting a divorce, how can you stop a divorce? Here is the qur’anic method that can help you and your spouse find some light of hope and take steps towards avoiding divorce and healing your relationship.

How To Make 3 Powerful Dua To Save Your Marriage From Divorce?

Reading How To Make Dua To Save Your Marriage From Divorce is one way to repair the marriage. It is beneficial to increase love in your husband’s heart and keep your husband faithful. Moreover, this dua can make your relationship stronger, of course, if it’s recited wholeheartedly.

To do so, you must first perform a Niyyah to save your marriage, then read a Quranic surah and perform the dua mentioned below.

Procedure To Perform Dua To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

  1. You have to start it in the state of ablution.
  2. Make sure you are performing namaz five times a day.
  3. After wudhu, wear white clothes.
  4. First, Start by reciting Durood e Ibrahimi 7 times.
  5. Next, read the following verse 51 times
  6. LaallahaalllaaAntaa subhan, ekalnnikuntu mina zalimni
  7. Then, Recite Surah An Nisa from the beginning to the sixth Mubeen.
  8. Read Durood e Ibrahimi 7 times Again and imagine your husband’s image in mind and blow three times in the air.
Powerful Dua To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Do this ritual for at least 15 days, Insha-Allah. Your wish will come true in 15 days. If you want an immediate result, you should consult Maulana Behrouz Ali Khan Sahab on Whats App for free.

Niyyah To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Al-Barr, thank You for allowing me to recite a Niyyah To Save Marriage From Divorce and have a good relationship with my husband. Al-Adl, my husband, begins to quarrel over trifles when I’m talking to him.

Al-Lateef, Allow him to remember the lovely moments we shared when we got married and encourage him to do whatever it takes to improve his behavior.

Al-Wadud, bless me with Your love and patience to improve my personality and impress my husband with my behavior. I beg You to give him peace and to assist him in controlling his anger against me.

Al-Mu’min, help me be calm in the face of his rage and lead me in a way that will allow me to resolve our misunderstandings positively.

Al- Muhaymin, grant me the wisdom to think clearly and act responsibly to rebuild this marriage and avoid divorce to live a healthy and happier life.

Surah To Save Marriage From Divorce

Suppose you want to know Which Surah is the Best to Save Your Marriage From Divorce. Then it’s Surah An Nisa. So, If you want your husband to love you madly, pay all his attention to you, and become crazy in love with you. Then You can recite this Surah an Nisa.

The Surah to stop Divorce is essential for couples at the brink of it because Allah has commanded us to preserve our relationships. This Surah can help solve the problems between the husband and wife, driving them apart and understanding them. Then at that time, you have to recite the Surah An Nisa  (Verse 1 to 6) three times and then make a dua for your husband that we have mentioned above.

In the Surah, you have to recite it, which we will provide you below. But before reciting the Surah To Save Marriage From Divorce, you have to pray all the Namaz/Salah. If you miss any one of the Namaz, then this dua/surah to stop Divorce will not work.

Surah To Save Marriage From Divorce

Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife After Separation

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships, but it requires efforts from both partners to make it work. The husband and the wife have to face good and bad times together to last forever. We know that not all marriages end in romance, but some end in pain and separation. Various reasons can prevent you from going back, but the heart can still long for them and crave their love, touch, and care.

While some separations may lead to divorce, others look for starting afresh and consider reconciliation. But letting go of someone special and moving on is easier said than done if You fought and have decided to part ways. So if you are thinking of getting back together after separation, then Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife After Separation is extremely powerful and can be used by those who wish to continue to be in a relationship with the partner who wishes to leave.

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How To Perform Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife After Separation

Here is the step-by-step procedure of “Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife After Separation.”

  1. First, perform fresh ablution.
  2. Next, read Durood Shareef 3 times.
  3. Then, recite verses 1 to 10 from Surah Al-Qasas Verse 1 to 9 five times while imagining them.
  4. After That, Recite the following verse 101 times
  5. Rabbi hab lee hukmanw wa alhiqnee bis saaliheen
  6. Now-Again, read Durood Shareef 3 times.
Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife After Separation

Follow this ritual for seven days and Inshallah your husband will start contacting you and will express their feelings for reconciliation with you.

Which Surah is the Best To Reunite Husband And Wife After Separation?

A functional and fulfilling marriage requires a commitment from both spouses. There are a lot of common scenarios that could potentially lead to marital issues, separation, and in some cases, divorce; however, even if you and your partner have drifted apart, there are ways to work through conflict and differences. If the effort to reconcile comes from both sides of the relationship, a favorable outcome is possible.

Surah To  Reunite Husband And Wife After Separation has been one of the most influential and popular measures for stopping an unwanted divorce from saving the married life. The other hugely popular and commonly preferred measure is the quranic-based solution.

Surah To Reunite Husband And Wife After Separation

Precautions While Performing Dua To Stop Divorce

  • Women should not do this DUA (Prayer) during that time of their month.
  • Do not keep any negative thinking in your mind while performing this dua.
  • Please do not perform this wazifa for any illegible/ haram purpose of yours.
  • You can take the help of Molana Behrouz Ali Khan Sahab if you don’t know how to do it Perfectly.
  • Do not tell anyone about this problem until your Dua (Prayer) is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which surah protects marriage?

    “Recite Surat Al-Ikhlas and Al- Mu’awwidhatain (Surat Al-Falaq and Surat An-Nas) three times at dawn and dusk. It will protect your marriage in all respects.” [Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi].

  2. Which is Dua to Stop Divorce?

    Recite  30 times verse 129 of al Bara-at during the Friday night, keeping in mind the name of the displeased spouse.  Inshallah, there will be harmony between the two spouses again.

If you are unable to perform it in the right manner. And if you have any trouble, contact us and talk to our Maulana Behrouz Ali Sahab on Whats App. Who will make the right arrangements for how to perform this dua.

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