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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh , This Post is about Wazifa To Break Engagement And Marriage that will help you in breaking off the engagement or marriage of a person. The idea of love marriage is still alien to many of the parents in our society. They do not feel comfortable with such a marriage where love preceded the alliance and still believe in the traditional method of choosing a life partner through an arranged marriage. Many young men women also prefer arranged marriages and thus can have their happily ever after.

But the problem arises with those couples who are forced to get married to a person whom they don’t even know. If you are in such a situation your boyfriend or girlfriend is getting married to someone else, you do not have to worry about losing your true love. In other situation you and your lover get separated from each other. Because he had made up his mind to marry some other guy or girl.

You want to end the engagement of your lover, you can perform Wazifa To Break Engagement And Marriage.This Wazifa will not only break the engagement but it will also change the mindset of the parents of both of you to marry you with them. As long as you’re sure that you’re doing the right thing, you can use this Wazifa to break your lover’s union.

How To Perform Wazifa To Break Engagement And Marriage?

A Wazifa to break someone engagement and marriage can help you to end a relationship. While it is not easy to break up an engagement, it is better than suffering in a relationship.This powerful prayer will help you to call off the marriage of your lover. Your and your lover will be saved from pain when he sees that you have faith in Allah. Moreover, this dua can make your relationship stronger, of course, if it’s recited wholeheartedly. To do so, you must first perform a Niyyah to Break Someone Engagement and Marriage, then read a Quranic surah and perform the dua and wazifa mentioned below.

Niyyah to Break Someone Engagement and Marriage

Al-Wahab, I’m grateful for all Your blessings. Al-Musawwir, I always sake refuge in Your glory when I’m sad because You are the only one who can help me. Al-Adl, I ask You to listen to a dua to break engagement and marriage of the person i love and make them marry me. Al-Haqq, I want to marry him because I truly love him. Al- Qayyum, have mercy on me and grant me wisdom so that I can speak and act in a way that impresses their parents.

Procedure To Perform Wazifa To Break Someone Engagement and Marriage

  1. You have to start it in the state of ablution.
  2. Now Recite Two Rakat Nafil Namaz.
  3. Read Durood Sharif seven times.
  4. Then, recite verse 9 of Surah Al-Imran 201 times while imagining him/her.
  5. Now Take ash of the paper , write the lover’s name on the paper, and a green cloth and tie all these things in green cloth and recite the following verse 11 times
  6. “Allahumma layyin qalbi fulan binti fulan kama layyintil hadidi li sayyidina Da`ud alayhis `salam”
  7. Now blow on the green cloth after each recital.
  8. Take that green bundle and flow it in the running river or a lake.
  9. Now Make A Dua To Allah (SWT) to break your lover’s engagement and marriage.

Wazifa To Break Someone Engagement and Marriage

You can perform this wazifa for five days. Insha Allah, you will get the result within a week. You Can Also Do this Dua To Break Your Engagement too.

Surah to Break Someone Engagement and Marriage

If you want to know which surah is the best to break someone engagement and marriage? Then Surah Al Imran is the best for breaking marriage of your lover. The love marriage problems are arising in the present scenario where this Surah Al Imran Will benefit you to get rid of marriage problems and societal pressure. In order to break an engagement, you should read this Surah with pure intentions.By reciting the Surah Al Imran, the person will be freed from the obligation of marriage.

You must recite it Then at that time, you have to recite the Surah Al imran (Verse 9) at least 201 times a day and do it with all your heart. and then perform a Wazifa to Break Marriage that we have mentioned above.

Surah to Break Someone Engagement and Marriage

If you want to get your husband back from another woman, you should recite the dua for husband back. This powerful prayer will help you get your husband to love you again. You must pray to Allah to protect your husband from any pain. 

Dua To Break Your Lovers Engagement

Do you face a lot of complications in your life? Because the person whom you love is going to get married to some other person. And along with this your parents also forces you to do marriage with the person of their choice. But you dont worry at all.  As all the ways that we will tell you are so effective. That if you are trying enough hard to cancel or break the marriage of your lover. Then this all can be possible with the help of our given Dua To Break Your Lovers Engagement.

If your lover is having a long relationship with you by pretending to marry you and then quietly leaving you and marrying somewhere else, then you can break the marriage with the help of Dua To Break Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Engagement. The marriage is halted or broken by chanting this trotaya mantra carefully. The same thing can be done in the name of girlfriend.

How To Make Dua To Break Your Lovers Engagement?

If you’re looking for a more powerful dua to break your lover’s engagement, recite the dua at the same time every day. This will help your ex get free from the commitment. After Performing this Dua Your lover will only marry you and not anyone else. If you are searching for What is the Dua To Cancel the Marriage of Your Lover ?

  1. Make a fresh ablution in the morning and search for a silent place.
  2. Go and sit in that place and clean it to make the Salah.
  3. Then read Durood-e-fath 11 times.
  4. After that, read verses 1-5 from Surah Al-Muminin 5 times.
  5. Now read the following verse 101 times
  6. ‘La Ilaha Illallah, Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu, Lahul-Mulku Wa Lahul-Hamdu, Yuhyi Wa Yumitu, Wa Huwa Ala Kulli Shai’in Qadir.’
  7. Blow on your lovers photo after reciting the above verse.
  8. Finally, Pray to Allah (SWT) to break your lovers marriage.

Dua To Break Your Lovers Engagement

Which Surah you can read To Stop Lover Engagement ?

If you are unsure about how to break a lover’s engagement, Surah Al-Muminin can help. It can help your ex-lover get back on his or her feet. If you want to change your lover’s mind and regain your freedom, recite the verse 1 to 5 of Surah Al-Muminin. If you do this regularly, your lover will be able to see you as a worthy person.

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Surah To Break Your Lovers Engagement

If you are unable to perform it in the right manner. And if you have any trouble, contact us and talk to our Maulana Behrouz Ali Sahab on Whats App. Who will make the right arrangements for how to perform this dua.

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